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The Official "HOW THE FUCK DO I STOP THAT" Thread

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The Official "HOW THE FUCK DO I STOP THAT" Thread

Post by Sicknarlo on Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:30 am

Ever get frustrated by a certain run, route, coverage, or blitz? I know I have.

Games in this league shouldn't be who knows how to stop what. You shouldn't lose because you can't stop something, you should lose because you didn't stop something. A player shouldn't take advantage of someone else because they don't know the technical method to do something in the game. Fun games are between players scheming and using tactics to beat each other, not exploitation.

In the spirit of this idea, this is where we should post suggestions to combat certain things done in Madden. Post whatever tricks you know to stop anything you want, or post asking how to do...whatever. Just ask and hopefully we can spread some knowledge in this hizzy.

Stopping Blitzes

Tired of getting sacked? Sick of knowing your opponent is going to blitz but not being able to do anything about it? There are a couple of methods to combating a blitz happy opponent.

Method 1: Block your RB/TE

This is easy and the one sure way to do it. Select the player you want to block and press X, then RT. This will have them stay back and block. You lose a receiver, but who cares how many receivers you have running around when someone just sacked your QBs lunch.

Method 2: Slide protection

Slide protection can be done to stop a blitz when you know where it's coming from. Press LB then whichever side it is coming from. The one downside is there are blitzes that this will not work on, especially if they are rushing 6+.

Method 3: The quick pass

This is my favorite. The more they rush, the more vulnerable they are. Quick passes are great for this. Routes that work well are anything that don't take long to develop. Screens are great for these. If you call a pass and you think they're blitzing, the audibles I like to use the most are swing/wheel routes on the HB, Zig routes on the TE/WR, or hitch routes on the WR. Slants work great too.

If someone is blitzing a lot, take advantage of it and make them suffer.


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