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Wide 9 Sugar D

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Wide 9 Sugar D

Post by Sicknarlo on Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:58 pm

In the spirit of my post suggesting we start sharing some ideas with each other, I figured I would post a little scheme I started using in Madden 13, and that works pretty well in Madden 25 too.  There are some variations of this defense on the internet, but I will post the scheme in a way that I personally have used it and that abides by the rules of our league.

The Mmmm Mmmm Good Sugary Defense

This defense is something that you can mix in to your normal defensive plays.  All three plays are called out of the Nickel Wide 9 formation.  This can be found in the Bengals and Lions playbooks, as well as any book that has the Wide 9 formation.

Whats nice about this scheme is all three plays look the exact same.  In other words, whether you call the edge blitz, the coverage defense, or the run defense, your team should line up similarly which will make it difficult for your opponent to determine what you're running.  Your linebackers will line up right on your defensive line and will either blitz or drop into coverage based on what you call--but line up clogging the middle regardless!

To keep it simple, I will limit this scheme to three plays:

That doesn't mean you can, or should, run just these three plays.  But if you work these plays in with your standard coverages--so mix in Cover 2, Cover 2 Man, Cover 3, etc depending on what you think your opponent will be doing

Sugar 2 Disguise Good mid field coverage, good pressure on the quarterback, adjustable to send 5 or 6 pass rushers


This is an awesome play, and as tempting as it is you have to really be careful not to abuse it.  You don't have to make any adjustments, though I will typically Press  (Up then Down on D-Pad).  This brings your players closer to the line which helps disguise the fact you're in zone a bit, and brings your blitzing corner [1] closer to the line.

As is, this play rushes 5 defenders (your 4 linemen and your Nickel back [1], the DB who rushes in from the left side in the image).  The beautiful thing about it is, as long as the offensive player doesn't block his running back or the correct side tight end, he should get in untouched and pretty quickly.

You can change the play in small ways to change up how much pressure is coming and where it comes from.  Does your opponent have a tight end on the left side to pick up the blitz?  Switch the play (X then right trigger) and the nickel back will come in the other side.  If you want to change the side the blitz is coming from, but not make it so obvious by switching the side the nickel back is on, put the nickel back in a zone and blitz the SS [2].  If you Press the SS will come up to the line opposite of the nickel back and you can choose who you want to blitz.

If you want to kick up the pressure even more, leave the nickel back blitzing and blitz the SS [2].  This will send 6 rushers, and can only be stopped if your opponent leaves people behind to block.  As with everything, there are downsides to this: if you blitz six people this leaves more holes in your coverage.  I recommend using this variation only if you think your opponent is blocking one extra guy and is not going to be worrying about a rush, or if you reaaaaally need to get to the quarterback.  This is a great variation to use on 3rd and long.

This play is generally weak deep in the center and on the sidelines between the CB and the deep defenders, like any Cover 2 or Cover 2 Sink.

Sugar 2 BlitzMan to man coverage, 6 man blitz, good for runs up the middle and edges

This is a play to call in the scheme when your opponent is running the ball.  Depending on where you think he's going to run to is going to dictate how you need to adjust the play.

For general run defense I recommend these adjustments:
Press (Up then Down on dpad) This will bring your defenders up and delay the WR
Spread Defensive Line (LB then Up on dpad) Will make your line wider
Edge Rush (LB then Left joystick up) will make your d-line rush outside
Optional but recommend you Contain the DE on the side you think they'll run.  This will make the end go out wide and catch an outside runner.

This usually takes some practice to get down, but 10 minutes in practice mode and you'll be doing it like a pro.

If you want a simpler version:

Run down center? Press and Crash your d-line in
Run Out wide?  Contain your DEs (select each one and X then right on the Left Joystick)

A word of warning: this is not an ideal run defense.  If your opponent really is running it down your throat you are better off switching to a formation with personnel more suited to stopping runs.  However if you are keeping this scheme and want to work it in, this should be effective at stopping a lot of runs.

Sugar Cover 3 BluffPass defense

This is your coverage defense.  This will stop passes to most parts of the field, but is weak in the flats.  The Cover 3 means you should be more safe deep in the middle compared to the Cover 2 Disguise.  The linebackers will fake blitz then drop into coverage, meaning it will look at first like a blitz. The purple zones cover those annoying corner and curl routes.  The only adjustments I'd make on this play is to Press if you do that with the other plays.

Schemin' like a Demon

The correct way to use these plays is to mix them up with other base plays in the Wide 9.  If you blitz a few times with Sugar 2 Disguise, throw in the Sugar Cover 3 Bluff right after to trap your opponent into making a quick throw .  After getting sacked a few times, he should start blocking more players which makes it easy for you to cover him when he passes.

If anyone has any questions about this scheme, some of the terminology, the adjustments, some other plays to throw in, don't hesitate to ask here or in Groupme.  I'm the Chiefs and my name is Shattack.  Please post comments, suggestions, your own variations, or critiques here--sorry its not more detailed, but I am posting this while getting my ass handed to me with my god awful Jaguars team in the Grid league.


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